Involving young people

As the UK’s leading youth organisation, The Trust believes that involving young people helps us innovate and improve the service that we offer.

The Trust is committed to:

  • Developing our culture of participation
  • Listening to young people’s feedback and incorporating it as a key driver of quality and improvement
  • Ensuring that young people’s voices are heard by key decision-makers – both internally and externally
  • Enabling our young people to be leaders for their generation

Young people are involved in a wide range of participatory activity including:

  • Staff recruitment
  • Assisting with staff and volunteer training
  • Judging Celebrate Success awards
  • Taking part in consultation work to help design, review and improve our programmes
  • Promoting the work of The Trust to members of the public, the media and our corporate partners
  • Inspiring other young people through volunteering as Young Ambassadors
  • Writing and producing materials for other young people
  • Researching and evaluating our work
  • Influencing politicians and policy makers

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