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The A-Z of Young Business

About The Prince's Trust & RBS
A-Z of Young Businesses

The idea of starting up your own business is a pretty daunting one for anyone. Even more so if you’re a young person with no previous experience of business, trapped in long term unemployment or facing other barriers in your life.

Despite these challenges, every year The Prince’s Trust supports thousands of young businesses to start up and grow through the Enterprise programme.

The Prince’s Trust & RBS A-Z of Young Businesses showcases just 26 of these remarkable young people - one for every letter of the alphabet - in a stunning series of photographs which we’ll be releasing, one a day, for the next month.

Like the images that represent them, these young businesses are inspirational, vibrant and full of ideas (can you spot the letter hidden in each picture?).

Each day we’ll bring you another uplifting story from our A-Z but if you can’t wait until tomorrow for another instalment, you can find out more about our research into how young people across the UK feel about setting up their own business.



All A-Z campaign photos taken by Nick Cunard.

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Interested in setting up your own business?

The Prince's Trust helps thousands of small businesses get off the ground each year.

Our Enterprise programme offers a brilliant package that includes cash, mentoring and practical support, including business plan writing workshops and financial planning.

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About the RBS partnership

RBS has worked with The Prince's Trust for over a decade. Find out more about the partnership here.

The A-Z of fundraising

To celebrate our A-Z of Young Businesses, we've created a fundraising A-Z, to inspire you to help us support more young people who want to change their own futures.

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